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de Medici Group represents a group of trusted and accredited/sophisticated investors that acquire Value Add Multifamily Properties in growing markets throughout the U.S.

Mauricio Ramos E.I.T., IROP
Managing Member
de Medici Group
Two Ten Management

Mauricio Ramos has been a full-time entrepreneur and investor since 2016. Currently controls over $2,700,000 in Real Estate Assets, Deal Sponsor in 4 syndications, invested in 509 units across Texas.

In addition to his passion of Apartment Building Investing and helping others, Mauricio owns and manages a few short term rentals (Airbnbs) and has successfully “flipped” contracts on multifamily contracts with 5 and 6 figure proceeds.  Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Mr. Ramos was a Project Manager in the commercial construction industry in Texas working for a number of General Contractors, such as Byrne Construction, Skanska USA Building, among others.


Mauricio was an absolute delight to have as part of our team, he has a great knowledge of the construction industry and always completed projects on time and within budget.  Mauricio is a straight shooter and hard worker, he does a good job of managing expectations, and always following through on tasks until complete.  I do not remember a time, in the years that Mauricio worked for Byrne, that I had to remind him of a deliverable.  We will be sad to see him leave but wish him the best of luck in his Real Estate career.

                               -Tony Battle

                         President - Byrne Construction

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Adrian Salazar
Managing Member
Optimum Buyers
Two Ten Management 
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