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de Medici Group represents a group of trusted and accredited/sophisticated investors that acquire Value Add Multifamily Properties in growing markets throughout the U.S.

Mauricio Ramos E.I.T., IROP
Managing Member

Mauricio Ramos has been a full-time entrepreneur and investor since 2016. Currently controls over $2,000,000 in real estate assets, deal sponsor in 2 syndications, invested in 234 units across Texas.

Mauricio is currently under the mentorship of Brad Sumrok in his Foundation Program. 

In addition to his passion of apartment building investing and helping others, Mauricio owns and manages a few short term rentals (Airbnbs) and has successfully “flipped” contracts on multifamily contracts with 5 and 6 figure proceeds.  Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Mr. Ramos was a Project Manager in the commercial construction industry in Texas working for a number of General Contractors, such as Byrne Construction, Skanska USA Building, among others.

Mauricio was an absolute delight to have as part of our team, he has a great knowledge of the construction industry and always completed projects on time and within budget.  Mauricio is a straight shooter and hard worker, he does a good job of managing expectations, and always following through on tasks until complete.  I do not remember a time, in the years that Mauricio worked for Byrne, that I had to remind him of a deliverable.  We will be sad to see him leave but wish him the best of luck in his Real Estate career.

                               -Tony Battle

                         President - Byrne Construction

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